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Whether you are striving to reach the next level of peak performance, or just getting started on your journey of a better lifestyle, you need to have a simple and effective biohacking system to get you there. After researching and experimenting with various DIY methods of stacking supplements, our team agrees that the Life Vantage Vitality Stack has the perfect combination to energize each cell in your body to get your day started right, and perform at its best.

Best Biohackers Starter Kit


What is biohacking in simple terms?

I am sure you will agree that each of us desires to be the absolute best version of ourselves. This is the most basic definition of biohacking there is.  In order to achieve and maintain this requires more than just eating right and exercising regularly.  Now, these are two parts of the puzzle, but unless your body is able to maximize the fuel you feed it, you are missing the most critical pieces.

Every biohacker needs to understand the importance of rejuvenating your body at the cellular level.  By increasing the amount of energy available to every cell in your body and minimizing damaging effects of your daily lifestyle, you will begin to transform yourself into the healthiest version there has ever been.



Three keys every biohacker kit has to have.

First, you need to treat your stomach right.  A healthy gut is extremely important to overall health.  When your digestive system is out of sync, your body is not able to retrieve those beneficial nutrients from your healthy diet.  This has a dramatic effect on your entire body, including your immune system, skin, and mental being.  The digestive system is considered your second brain because it is the second largest part of your nervous system.  The gut plays a large role in your awareness and mood and is often called your second brain.

Secondly, every biohacker diligently searches for ways to increase their performance by maximizing their body’s chemistry.  In order to achieve a higher level of fitness, you not only need to energize your body but discover how to maintain a status of high energy throughout the day.  Through the process of nutrigenomics, using natural nutrients to optimize organ function, you will have the foundation of biohacking your body.

Third, everyone wants to find the formula that allows you to turn back time.  Biohacking against father time combines phytonutrients to balance hormones, enhance cellular function and reduce oxidative stress.  Having a system that promotes the production of antioxidants to combat damage to your organs, limits muscle pain, and strengthens your immune system is a must for any biohacking kit.

Best Biohackers Starter Kit -Vitality Stack

How Does Life Vantage Vitality Stack Make Biohacking Easy?

Life Vantage Vitality Stack is the core biohacking kit everyone needs.  This simple system combines the perfect nutrigenomic combination to have your organs running efficiently.  Having the correct nutrients that boosts mitochondrial production, minimizes oxidative stress, and promotes a healthy gut makes the Vitality Stack a winner for every biohacker.

What Does Each of the Products in Vitality Stack do?

Protandim NrF2 Synergizer acts at the cellular level to reduce oxidative stress and rejuvenates cell.  Oxidative stress accelerates aging, leads to muscle pain and a weaker immune system.  By promoting the production of your bodies own antioxidants, Protandim Nrf2 promotes healthy aging.

Protandim NrF1 Synergizer helps you feel younger and more energetic at the cellular level by increasing the production of mitochondria.  How you feel is directly related to mitochondrial function, which is like the energy-producing power plants for your cells.  They are the key to a strong body and powerful mind.

Physiq Probio is a probiotic to keep your gut healthy for the long run. Making sure your gut has the healthy bacteria it needs in order to get the right ingredients from your diet.  Your digestive system contains a significant part of your immune system and nervous system.  Physiq keeps your gut going strong by providing over 6 billion CFU of healthy bacteria with every dose.

Omega + is a 3-in-1 combination of Omega 3, 7, and Vitamin D that helps support a healthy immune system, cognitive function, and cardiac system.  DHA and EPA omega fatty acids help support cell membranes to keep the brain communicating with the body effectively.  You will gain better mental focus and improve your memory using Omega + on a daily basis.

Choose between 2 Versions of Vitality Stack

Always on the go, or traveling town to town, then you will love the Vitality Stack packets.  Very simple to grab your packets and take them with you.  Each packet has individual servings of Protandim, Physiq, and Omega+.  Just take what you need and leave the rest at home.

The alternative option is the Vitality Stack in individual bottles.  Each stack includes a bottle of Protandim Nrf1, Protandim Nrf2, Physiq, and Omega+.

Which every Vitality Stack you choose, you will be on your way to biohacking like a pro, easily.

LifeVantage allows you to order directly from their site and they will assign a personal distributor to assist or you can choose your own LifeVantage representative.

To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of active LifeVantage distributors who can answer any questions, provide additional resources, and help you place your first order. CLICK HERE or the image to find your personal representative.

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