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For a diet to be the best, it has to be safe, nutritious, efficient, and easy-to-follow. A weight loss as well as preventing diabetes and heart disease.

Men are known to drink a lot of booze and taking lots of red meat, which all together can be unhealthy and bring about heart or liver diseases. Trying to change from this habit has been futile for almost every man out there with a drunk buddy.

If you want to eat healthily and follow the best diet, as a man, you have to drop all our partying and drinking fellows. Can you do it? I don’t think so, and that’s why we have decided to come with a diet plan that you can try without having to pick out any of your buddies. Here, I have looked at some of the best diets for men.

Best Diets for Men - dash

Dash Diet

Dash literally means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Its primary goal is to prevent as well as lower your blood pressure. It’s a diet that has been described as a sensible plan to follow for every man looking to shed his overall weight.

It includes veggies, fruits, lean protein & low-fat dairy, whole grains, etc. You ought to avoid high-calorie meals such as red meat and salt. Stick to the regular foods; you have always been advised by your nutritionist to consume.

Best Diets for Men - TLC

 TLC Diet

TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet. If you want to cut high cholesterol, then this is the diet to follow for about 4-6 weeks. TLC was endorsed by the AHA (American Heart Association) as the best strategy to adopt for promoting your cardiovascular health. The primary emphasis with this diet is to avoid fatty foods especially the saturated ones.

Best Diets for Men - mind

 MIND Diet

Like the words suggest, this diet is for the mind. It highlights nutrients as well as foods that work well to fight any risk of Alzheimer’s. A brain disease that affects mostly the old people and leads to cognitive decline and memory loss. The MIND diet is a combination of two diets namely DASH and Mediterranean (more on the Mediterranean in a bit). It consists of 15 major dietary components. Where 10 out of 15 are brain-healthy food groups such as nuts, berries, fish, poultry, etc. And 5 of the remaining include unhealthy food groups such as red meat and butter. Have a place in your eating habit for the health as well as unhealthy food groups. It’s a twist on the brain type of food plan and works perfectly.

Best Diets for Men - Mediterrenean

 Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes on vegetables and fruits. Men who want to achieve a long-term weight loss, then the Mediterranean Diet is the sensible plan to follow. This diet helps to prevent cancer and diabetes as well as promote brain and heart health. It involves weight control, an active lifestyle, little red meat, saturated fat, and sugar, and consuming lots of produce.

Best Diets for Men - weight watchers

 Weight Watchers Diet

If you’re a guy who wants to lose about 2 pounds each week, then you need to adopt weight watcher diet. The main idea is to consume nutritional sense foods and meals higher in protein while avoiding high calories foods, sugar, and saturated fat.

Best Diets for Men - keto

 Keto Diet

Keto diet involves consuming about 50 grams of carbs per day, and it’s beneficial for men wishing to trim their belly and overall weight. It consists low carbohydrates intake and consuming more of fats. By doing so, your body starts to burn fat for excess energy and turns fat into ketones through a process known as Ketosis. It’s the best diet for men seeking to lose weight as well as reduce their insulin and blood sugar levels.

Best Diets for Men - HFLC

HFLC diet

HFLC stands for High Fat Low Carb and involves eating high-fat foods while consuming fewer carbs. This diet has lower requirements for insulin levels, and that’s why it is the best diet to use for people with Type 2 Diabetes. With this diet, you’ll be consuming less of carbs, and thus it can help men trying to lose weight.


Don’t let anyone tell you about the perfect diet. It doesn’t exist, but following the best diet plan can be damn close to a perfect diet.

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