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Eating HFLC or keto diet involves consuming high-fat food while keeping your carbs intake low.  Trying to stick to a particular diet is no way easy, and you need to focus your body and mind on maintaining that diet.

Here, you’ll find several ingredients that make up the keto/HFLC diet. They include Coconut Flour, Stevia, Erythritol, Xylitol, Coconut Oil, and Kerrygold butter.


Coconut Flour


Must have keto HFLC ingredients - Coconut flour


Coconut flour is the most commonly used flour when it comes to low carb baking as well as cooking. How do we get the coconut flour? During coconut milk production, the residue (by-product) is what becomes the flour.

Let me explain how that by-product becomes coconut flour. Assuming you’re the one doing the coconut milk production. After extraction of coconut milk, you’ll have some leftover of the coconut meat, dry the leftovers at low temperatures for an extended period. Then finely ground it to produce an excellent, powdery flour, and there you have your coconut flour.

One thing to note is that it will take in a lot of eggs, or other wet ingredients and remain densely thick. It does not require too much liquid, or you’ll have a soggy baked good. Coconut flour is low carb and high in fiber, and thus it’s a must-have ingredient for keto/HFLC ingredient.




Must have Keto HFLC ingredients - Stevia


Stevia is a natural and non-caloric sweetener that originates in the South American plant’s leaves. It is best used as an alternative to table sugar since it has no calories and very suitable for people with blood sugar related issues.

SweetLeaf is the famous brand of Stevia and commonly used in all households for cooking and baking. Also, don’t’ forget about its different flavors that include vanilla stevia, chocolate raspberry stevia, etc. Consider substituting the stevia for table sugar when preparing your keto or HFLC diet plan.




Must have keto HFLC ingredients - Erythritol


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has both features of sugar and alcohol.  It has few calories, and thus it’s the best sugar substitute for table sugar. It occurs naturally in vegetable and fruits. If you want a keto/HFLC diet to lose weight fast, then use Erythritol as your natural sweetener.




Must have keto HFLC ingredients - Xylitol


Just like the Erythritol, this natural sweeter is also a sugar alcohol that has few calories as compared to the table sugar. Xylitol occurs in plants naturally such as watermelons, pears, grapes, sake. Wine, and soy sauce.


Coconut Oil


Must have keto HFLC ingredients - Coconut oil


Keto diet involves a process of burning fat to produce energy. This oil contains MCT oil which is readily transformed into fats in your body and thus through the ketosis its burned to release energy. It also lacks carbs, and that a more reason as to why to consider coconut oil as your priority oil to use for your keto or HFLC diet.


Kerrygold Butter


Must have keto HFLC ingredients - Kerrygold butter


It’s not advisable to use this butter for your keto diet in excessive amounts, but it has some health benefits that we cannot ignore. It offers an abundant source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help in cognitive health and cardiovascular (heart) health. Use Kerrygold butter in moderate proportions in your keto or HFLC diet to enjoy its health benefits.


We have the keto diet, whose full name is ketogenic diet and HFLC diet, which is High Carb Low Fat sort of diet. Both diets advocate for eating high-fat foods and still keeping a low consumption rate of carbs.

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