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We all have it. Testosterone. For men, it’s their main sex hormone. There’s a smaller amount of testosterone in the female body, but it’s still there. This hormone stems from our reproductive glands. And a small amount is produced by the adrenal gland as well. Healthy levels of testosterone are important to your optimal, overall health. Low testosterone has been linked to a greater disease risk, sexual dysfunction, and unappealing body composition. Increasing your testosterone levels can pump up your muscle mass and your vitality within weeks of implementing these natural, and yet surprising, ways.


Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone


Natural ways to increase testosterone - weight lifting


Exercise and Lift Weights

OK, you might be saying that you knew this one. This tip isn’t new. But what’s surprising is what a difference exercising and lifting weights can have on the level of testosterone in your body. Exercise and weight lifting can also target and prevent many diseases brought on by lifestyle choices. For the elderly, exercise also increased reaction time. If you’re looking to see a difference quickly, then weight lifting is the answer. Resistance training of any kind will boost testosterone. This kind of activity will work for both the short-term goal and the long-term goal. Adding in certain supplements such as caffeine may up your testosterone levels as well when combined with a resistance or weight lifting program and exercise. Consider high-intensity interval training as well when you’re trying to increase your testosterone levels.



Natural ways to increase testosterone - food


Your hormones can be greatly affected by what you eat

There should be a strategy and overall awareness of your calorie intake to affect change in your testosterone levels. If you’re constantly dieting or overeating, you will disrupt your testosterone levels, no doubt about it. So avoid those predicaments. You must eat enough protein to maintain and aid in fat loss, which is also connected to the testosterone in the body. Carbs should be eaten in conjunction with exercise such as interval training. And you still need fats in your diet as well. Protein, carbs and fat are all necessary to boost testosterone. Eat smart: whole foods, healthy, balanced. Balance is the key. Don’t overeat. Don’t restrict calories for an intense amount of time.


Ratchet down the stress levels in your life

I know it’s easier said than done, but you must try. It does matter and it also matters to boosting your testosterone levels. When cortisol is out of whack, especially when it’s high, testosterone will drop. It’s simple math. And it’s all connected. When the stress is on, and cortisol is running high, you will most likely also increase your food intake. This will result in the gaining of weight, which will store harmful fat around your organs that’ll negatively affect your levels of testosterone in your body. It’s a slippery slope when stress enters your life. Improve your life by lowering your stress and you’ll increase your testosterone in the process.



Natural (suprising) ways to increase testosterone - Outdoor activity

Don’t scrimp on getting some sun

Time out of doors may not be enough to get the vitamin D you need, in which case a supplement will work well. It’s always good to check with your doctor, but supplementing with around 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily will increase testosterone level by as much as 25%. That’s a huge increase that’s easily remedied. Whether you have low levels of vitamin D in your body or not, increasing your sun exposure or vitamin D through supplements will increase your testosterone.


Natural (suprising) ways to increase testosterone - Zinc supplement


There are other vitamins that could make a difference such as zinc

Vitamin B, vitamin A, C, and E could play a role as well. Try adding a zinc supplement to your regimen to see a boost in testosterone. That’s the one, along with vitamin D, that research has shown to have the greatest effect on testosterone levels. You can find zinc naturally in oysters, beef, wheat germ, seeds, and dark chocolate. Not a bad diet!


Here’s an easy one: Sleep

Yes, sleep more to raise your testosterone levels. If you’ve been short of sleep, say 5 hours or less per night, your testosterone levels have probably dropped. Studies report that with every extra hour of sleep past 5 hours, your testosterone levels rise 15%. A full 7-10 hours is probably best for raising testosterone levels. And consider…staying in bed longer may boost your love life as well.


Natural (suprising) ways to increase testosterone - Ginger root


Natural boosters

There are some other natural boosters of testosterone such as the vegetable, ginger, and ashwagandha, an herb. Studies report that either of these edibles will boost testosterone levels by as much as 15-17%. It’s worth a try, especially since they both have additional health benefits. Ashwagandha has been known to lower cortisol levels, which will also boost testosterone. Ginger can help with sore throats and general malaise as well as increasing other key sex hormones.


Avoid estrogen-like compounds

What are those, you ask? Lower your exposure to BPA, parabens and other chemicals found in certain forms of plastic. These chemical compounds can decrease your testosterone levels. Stay healthier by choosing BPA-free plastic storage, drinking, or eating materials.


And there you have it: the ways to naturally boost testosterone. What’s surprising, in the end, is how simple many of these recommendations are. Employ these recommendations today.


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