Normally, the benefits of youth go away as we age. We slow down, our memories aren’t as great, aches and pains set int, and so on.  Biohacking is the experimentation with our own bodies to slow and reverse these processes.

Biohackers use healthy eating, supplements, vitamins, minerals, and the like to enhance positive physical processes. The result? Better energy, better overall health, decreased risk of degenerative or cellular diseases, improved memory, improved appearance of skin and hair, increased muscle tone, and fat loss.

What is biohacking

Does Biohacking Work?

Biohacking is effective. Cold medicines work when you’re sick. Biohacking takes you from where you are and increases your health. It’s a shift in thinking. Instead of taking yourself from below normal functionality to normal, you’re looking at your own level of normal functionality and increasing it to raise your level of normal.

Generally, the increases in your body’s performance don’t register immediately. After a few weeks, you’ll notice a small change: maybe you’re craving vegetables, or getting up in the middle of the night to pee less frequently, or you’ve managed to work out more frequently than previously. Biohacking changes feel very subtle at first.

What is biohacking - how to biohack

Once you see one or two changes, people are likely to dive in a bit deeper and see how else they can improve their levels of performance. When you’re functioning at a higher level, you can accomplish more, which then can also translate to more income over time.

When people see gradual shifts as they begin biohacking, they nearly always notice a great change when they stop taking their supplements. Your new level of normal felt so, well, normal, it’s easy to begin to take it for granted. Biohackers definitely notice when it drops back down, should they take a break from whatever their new protocol is. 

What is biohacking- a beginners guide

Why Doesn’t Everyone Biohack?

You’d think everyone would biohack, but they don’t for a number of reasons. Some people are skeptical. They think that people who age well are anomalies, and they instead attribute their own health to genetics and have determined that they’re doing the best they can, and that’s that.

Others don’t have or want to take the time to learn about it. Herbs, minerals, supplements… Where do you even start? It can feel overwhelming. That’s enough to stop some people.

Some people don’t attempt to biohack because they think it’ll be expensive. Biohacking is similar to physical fitness in that it can cost as much or as little as you can dedicate to it. Some people do body weight workouts, which cost nothing. Others hire personal trainers, masseuses, and spend a fortune in the name of physical fitness. Biohacking has that same degree of flexibility.

For ways to start biohacking, check out this article on two easy, effective biohacking tips.



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