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Everybody disagrees with the food pyramid, and we need not discuss further whether in some way it could have some hidden truth. It’s just so wrong! According to the pyramid, cereals and grains are at the top, and I’m left wondering if the inventors were cereal producers.

How did the grains reach the top of the pyramid?  Whoever put them there, is probably not a human being and indeed not mother nature.  The pyramid rose because of the large profit margins, which made manufactures to base their theory on the cereals and invent it.

That pyramid should only be considered if you happen to be a cow, which eats grass (cereals belong to a grass family) for about 20 hours in a day. From that chewing, the cow produces over 120 liters of saliva that secretes the required enzymes to break down grass. Also, this animal has four stomachs to digest and store the grains. Us humans, we don’t have all these characteristics, and that’s why the food pyramid is wrong.

Our primary food should be based on vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, fruits, and oils. There is no way our bodies can adapt to eating cereals only, and in my view, I consider the food pyramid to be wrong.


Here Is Why


  • The food pyramid wants us to base our diet on cereals and grains. Our ancestors may have consumed grains for about 10,000 years, however, for 2million years, the humans have functioned and survived well without them. Carbs have been identified as the basis of poor diet for over 50 years. They come refined, processed, and modified to contain way too much starch, gluten, and sugar, and that’s why we are becoming sicker and fatter.


  • The pyramid does not provide men with adequate fat or protein to maintain their muscle. If fat is not present, all vitamins in our body won’t dissolve apart from vitamin C. So, our bodies won’t be able to absorb the rest vitamins. There is no distinction between good carbs (such as sweet potatoes) and carbs (such as white bread and breakfast cereals).


  • The pyramid does not show the differences between oily fish (essential for mental and physical health) or eggs (one of the natures protein wonder food), and meats (such as sausages and salami, which are very unhealthy and highly processed).


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  • The pyramid is wrong again since it has placed fruits above vegetables and advocates for eating an equal share of each. However, we all know that vegetables are more important than fruits since they have more antioxidants and vitamins. We should serve vegetables about 10 times on a daily basis while the fruits should be served at three times only.


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  • The pyramid sums up all oils and fats together rather than indicating individual qualities of each and whether they are good or bad. The oils from fish, olives, avocados, nuts, and seeds are known as essential oils, which are very healthy. Lack of these essentials oils in our body can even lead to depression. Also, we should avoid saturated fats, which increase our cholesterol levels.



The food pyramid should include carbs including some cereals (1-2 daily servings), a dairy product such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, essential oils and fats, quality meats, fruits (2-4daily servings), and vegetables (5-10 daily servings). And since it does not include all these products, then the food pyramid is wrong.

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